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Dumebi Kachikwu, an offspring of the esteemed Kachikwu Clan arrived this world amidst the embrace of the Kachikwu family.

His father, the esteemed Late Justice F. O. Kachikwu, and his mother, J. A. Kachikwu Esq., a distinguished legal mind, graced his upbringing.

From the earliest moments of his existence, the young Dumebi exhibited a remarkable blend of striking handsomeness, innate brilliance and a teachable spirit.

His educational journey commenced within the hallowed halls of prestigious primary and secondary institutions here in Nigeria, before he eventually transcended geographical bounds to pursue higher learning both within Nigeria and abroad.

Emerging as a prominent figure in the political realm, Dumebi ascended through the ranks as an influential member of the PDP, wielding considerable influence and establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with as far as the Nigerian political scene is concerned.

His soft-spoken disposition, magnetic charisma and universally celebrated persona have rendered him a figure recognized across all political affiliations.

Today, the world stands still for this man of eminent social stature and might.

From his formative years, Dumebi has upheld a modest yet resolute character, tirelessly dishing out initiatives which showcase his exceptional mental and physical capabilities.

His unwavering commitment to national progress is evident through his impassioned advocacy for obedience to the rule of law, justice and equity.

As a respected role model frequently invited by television hosts to dissect the economic and societal tribulations plaguing Nigeria, it is a clear fact that the world seems to always look forward to Dumebi’s personal perspectives, and the solutions they hold.

As the Chairman of Root TV and an active participant in the Real Estate sector, Dumebi has cemented his signature of excellence in multifaceted engagements across diverse domains spanning entertainment, real estate, and several other fields.

Yet, amidst his multifarious roles, Dumebi remains an epitome of kindness and boundless generosity, extending a helping hand to the impoverished and providing sustenance to the poor within his native land, and also at communities abroad.

As he ascends the metaphorical staircase of life to its Fifth floor, may the heavens open wide, ushering forth an abundance of opportunities, robust health, and enduring longevity upon him.

Dumebi Kachikwu is happily married with beautiful children.

Happy birthday to this illustrious figure!
Just like fine wine which gets better with time, may the light of your sojourn continue to shine brighter and brighter each day.

Dumebi, the world is your runway!


By Laurence Chukwudi Izegbu
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