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Nigeria curbs power supply to neighboring countries

The federal government has directed the grid operator to prioritize domestic power supply and limit electricity exports to neighbouring countries.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC said a maximum of 6% of the total available grid generation for the next six months can be allocated to international customers. The Commission, which said it observed exploitation and practices that are not healthy within the execution of the contracts, has therefore directed the System Operator (SO) to cap power supply to cross-border customers in Benin Republic, Niger Republic, and Togo. Nigeria currently supplies electricity to these neighbouring countries.

While Nigeria faces some of the worst power shortages in the world, with millions of homes without power, the country has contracts to deliver energy to neighbouring Togo, Benin, and Niger.

The NERC said the grid operator has caused significant hardship for Nigerians because it has prioritized export to international customers over domestic supply.

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