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FERMA Raises Alarm Over Deteriorating Road Networks in Nigeria

The Federal Roads Maintenance Agency FERMA has highlighted the deteriorating state of both major and minor road networks in Nigeria, attributing it to inadequate maintenance funding allocated during budgeting.

The Managing Director of FERMA, Chukwuma Agbasi, disclosed this in Abuja at the Bureau of Public Service Reforms, BPSR, a seminar titled ‘Road Infrastructure: Plans and Priorities of FERMA viz-a-viz the President’s Renewed Hope Agenda’.

Agbasi reiterated the critical need for maintenance, stating that neglecting it leads to road failure. He identified a backlog of maintenance tasks as a significant challenge, worsened by unpredictable weather patterns and improper road use.

Agbasi also mentioned efforts to improve FERMA’s funding and collaborate with international road agencies to address these issues.


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