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The Big Lie

In another blistering editorial, Dumebi Kachikwu, Chairman of Roots TV, has called out Nigerian leaders for burying their heads in the sand while civil...

9 Women Ready to be Trafficked Abroad Stopped at Lagos Airport

Barely a week after Ajayi Omolola was rescued from her traffickers who kept her in captivity in Lebanon as a slave; operatives of Nigeria...

Economic Hardships, Social Frustrations and Other Reasons Nigerians Are Dying Young

The Plague Lives In Your Neighbourhood From the unbearable Lagos traffic to the poisonous airs of Onitsha, the irritating...

Universities and Industries Forge Alliance to Tackle Unemployment.

Nigerian Universities and indigenous industries are pushing for better synergies between them to tackle the unemployment rate in the country.  Rootstv Reports.  
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