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Condemnation Trails Buhari’s Next Level Campaign Logo

Nigerians have continued to react to President Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign slogan/logo (Next Level) barely 24 hours after it was unveiled.
Many condemned the campaign logo/slogan as some accused the President and his campaign team of ‘plagiarising’ a project of the Winthrop University School Partnership Network in Collaboration with Forth Mill School District, Lancaster County School District, and Rock Hill School District.
A check confirmed that it is a programme grant funded by the US Department of Education.
Fredrick Nwabufo, a media personality, in his write-up on Tuesday criticized the Buhari’s team as having little or no respect for intellectual properties.
“Did Buhari’s campaign logo not go through the rigors of vetting? Was thorough research not carried out to determine originality? Was citizen revulsion to the “plagiarised” logo not foreseen? Or was this just to irritate and annoy Nigerian citizens?
“It is stupefying that at the acme of government things are still done without gravitas and grit, and without recourse to due diligence. It is even more shocking when the time taken to plan the event is considered.
To me, this is just an affliction of incompetence. Buhari now suffers the incompetence of his own managers. Chew on this. The contract for the design of the logo might have been given to a “loyal but grossly incompetent” crony, who instead of applying his mettle, lazily surfs the internet for a published logo. Nwabufo wrote.
Speaking about the slogan, the Deputy Director of Communication of Atiku’s Presidential Campaign Organisation, Paul Ibe, said the “Next Level” of the APC Presidential Candidate “is that of cluelessness and incompetence”.

It would be recalled that the Buhari’s ‘Change Begins with Me’ speech of September 2016 was also said to have been plagiarised from former United States President, Barack Obama’s 2008 victory speech.