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Kaduna records 32,297 Cases of Tuberculosis in 2023

The Kaduna State Government announced that in 2023, 32,297 cases of tuberculosis were detected in the state, showcasing an improvement in tuberculosis case detection and a reduction in the risk of disease transmission.

During a press conference held to mark World Tuberculosis Day in Kaduna, the State Commissioner for Health, Umma Kaltume-Ahmed, highlighted the progress made in tuberculosis case detection. She mentioned that the state saw an increase in tuberculosis case detection from 21,557 cases in 2022 to 32,297 cases in 2023, marking a 49.8% increase compared to the previous year. This increase in case detection exceeded the state’s TB case detection target by 159%.

This development reflects a significant enhancement in case finding compared to the 53% achieved in 2022, indicating the improved support the State TB program has received from the State Government and its development partners.

The Commissioner emphasized that the theme for the 2024 World TB Day, “Yes, We Can End TB,” with the slogan “No Gree For TB, Check Am O,” serves as a reminder of the commitment made by global leaders during the UN high-level meeting on TB in New York four years ago. The commitment aimed to support the target of ending the TB epidemic by 2030 by scaling up access to TB prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, ensuring sustainable financing, including research, and eliminating stigma and discrimination against individuals affected by TB.

She further highlighted that tuberculosis remains one of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases, with over 4,100 people losing their lives to TB each day and nearly 28,000 individuals falling ill with this preventable and curable disease.


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