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FG Invites Islamic Cleric Ahmad Gumi for Questioning

The Federal Government announced that it has invited Kaduna-based Islamic cleric Ahmad Gumi for questioning regarding his statements on the activities of bandits in the country.

Minister of Information and Orientation, Mohammed Idris, made this known while speaking to journalists at the State House in Abuja on Monday.

Gumi had previously criticized the Federal Government’s approach of using force to secure the release of kidnapping victims. He suggested that the government should engage with the bandits, understand their grievances, and improve their living conditions.

According to Gumi, the bandits have become more aggressive, targeting softer targets, which he attributes to the government’s kinetic approach.

He proposed a program similar to the amnesty initiative for Niger Delta militants, where bandits would be brought out of the forests, provided education, healthcare, and a peaceful life to encourage them to abandon violence.

Gumi also mentioned that the government knows the leaders of the bandits, citing a book titled ‘I am a Bandit’ by an academic named Murtala, which lists over 160 bandit leaders. However, he emphasized that the foot soldiers of the bandits remain unknown, making it challenging to combat their activities effectively.

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