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Don’t Blame Tinubu for Nigeria’s economic hardship – Sanusi

Former Central Bank Governor, Mohammed Sanusi, asserted that blaming President Bola Tinubu’s administration for Nigeria’s current economic challenges is unjust. He attributed the nation’s economic struggles to mismanaged policies of the past eight years.

Speaking at a virtual religious event in Abuja, Sanusi expressed his refusal to join those criticizing Tinubu for the country’s economic woes.

He emphasized the need for corrective measures and warned about the impending crisis due to economic mismanagement. Sanusi acknowledged Tinubu’s decision to remove fuel subsidies and defended it as necessary given Nigeria’s financial constraints.

He criticized the excessive printing of money by the Central Bank, leading to currency devaluation, and called for accountability in economic management. Additionally, he urged endurance during the hardships and encouraged assistance for the less privileged.

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