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Tomi Adeyemi VS Nora Roberts; The Plagiarism Story that Got Many Talking

Tomi adeyemi, author of bestselling novel, “Children of Blood and Bone” has accused Nora Roberts on 27th November 2018, of plagiarizing the title of her book, and ‘shamelessly profiting of it’.
The accusation came after Roberts, a New York Best Selling Author of over 200 novels, published a book titled “Of Blood and Bone”.
Roberts however defended herself and dragged the Harvard Alum saying she was “unprofessional and tacky” for calling her out on Twittter.
Roberts fans demanded that Adeyemi who they described as ‘’a newbie in the industry should show respect.
Others also pulled out evidence ‘’that showed that several other authors had written books with the same name.
Adeyemi however took to twitter on Thursday to tender apology to Roberts.
“Nora was kind enough to reach out to me and explain that today was the first she has heard of my book after talking to her,I believe our titles were created in isolation. I am grateful she explained and I have apologized but I want address it here as I know others were upset too.”

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