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Turkish Football Federation Summons Bright Osayi-Samuel

The Turkish Football Federation has called up Super Eagles full-back Bright Osayi-Samuel following violent incidents that marred a championship match, as reported by

Osayi-Samuel is among three other Fenerbahçe personnel under scrutiny for their roles during the chaos that followed the clash between Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce before the last international break.

The incident occurred on March 17th at Trabzonspor’s Papara Park in Trabzon, where chaos broke out as jubilant Fenerbahçe players celebrated their 3-2 away victory.

Amidst the post-match frenzy, Osayi-Samuel reportedly punched a masked supporter who had entered the field, leading to him being under disciplinary investigation.

Alongside Osayi-Samuel, Fenerbahçe’s Dutch defender Jayden Oosterwolde has also been summoned for allegedly kicking the same supporter, according to RFI.

Additionally, two club employees from Fenerbahçe are also being called to account for their involvement in the altercation.

Expanding the scope, an assistant coach from Trabzonspor has been summoned in connection to the incident, further implicating both clubs in the disciplinary process.

The fallout from the violence has had wide-reaching effects in Turkey, drawing parallels to a previous incident just three months earlier where a club manager’s assault on a referee shook the Süper Lig.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino strongly condemned the recent violence as “absolutely unacceptable.”

Following the incident, law enforcement detained thirteen Trabzonspor supporters, with five facing pre-trial detention.

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