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Mourinho Open to Coaching National Team in Africa

Jose Mourinho, the former Chelsea manager, has revealed his interest in coaching a national team, expressing his willingness to take on the role in Africa, Europe, or South America.

In a conversation with football expert Fabrizio Romano, the 64-year-old Portuguese, who has managed top clubs such as Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Manchester United, and Tottenham, discussed his desire to return to football management.

Mourinho, also known as the ‘Special One’, has been without a job since his dismissal from Roma in January. He sees coaching a national team as a goal he wants to achieve.

“To coach a national team is an objective for me,” he said. “ Mourinho stated.

Maybe right before the World Cup, Euros or the Copa America, African Cup. I can, yes. But waiting two years for that, I don’t know! Maybe one day it will happen.”

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