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Nigeria is falling and failing


My Dear President Buhari,

I am tired of living in fear. I am tired of what Nigeria has become under you. I am tired of the deluge of bad news that assails my senses daily. I am tired of worrying about my family members being kidnapped or killed by imported foreign terrorists masquerading as herdsmen. I am tired of worrying about the future of my children in a nation that is mortgaged to foreign lenders. I am tired of seeing our soldiers and policemen die needlessly fighting an artificial war.

I am tired of the cluelessness of those who are supposed to lead us in the face of modern-day challenges. I am tired of seeing the helplessness of the masses who have no voice. I am tired of seeing the helplessness of the elites who fear arrest and persecution if they dare to speak up. I am tired of seeing an emasculated National Assembly do nothing to save the nation because they want to protect and preserve their High Offices. I am tired of seeing some of our young men and women turn to prostitution, Yahoo, fraud and murder just to earn a living.

I am tired of seeing our students in tertiary institutions being abused by those who ought to nurture them to be the leaders of tomorrow. I am tired of seeing the purchasing power of my naira erode daily. My Dear President Buhari, I am tired of being tired of this Government. I am aware that your administration has become immune to the daily criticisms and believes that it is merely politics or probably your handlers are telling you things are okay and that you are the best thing that ever happened to Nigeria.

The truth is that Nigeria is imploding, and the people are suffering. Your people are being killed daily. The streets of this nation flow with the blood of the innocent as out security agencies are stretched thin fighting on multiple flanks. It is an open secret that you and your advisers are overwhelmed and don’t know what to do. There is nothing wrong with admitting failure.

There is nothing wrong with asking Nigerians for help. There is nothing wrong in admitting that those imported to rig elections or alter the population demography of Nigeria have now gone berserk and seek to exterminate us and our way of life. There is nothing wrong in saying you have no answer to the economy. What is wrong my Dear President, is pretending that all is well, and that Nigeria has never been this good. What is wrong is persecuting and incarcerating those who speak out against the injustice in Nigeria.

What is wrong is arresting innocent Nigerians for defending their families, land and property against terrorists who rape, maim and kill them. What is wrong is not understanding that Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho were made popular because of the injustice that freely reigns under you.

Mr President, Nigeria is falling and failing, and you can save Nigeria by admitting failure and asking Nigerians for help. You can save Nigeria by asking all able-bodied Nigerian men to arm up and chase these foreign invaders out of Nigeria. You can save Nigeria by being the father you are supposed to be to all and stop pandering to just one section of the country. You can save Nigeria by being tolerant to all voices be they support or dissent.

You can save Nigeria   by shunning mediocrity, ethnicity, nepotism and religion in the affairs of Government and institutionalizing meritocracy into the body politic. You can save Nigeria by hearkening to the yearnings of Nigerians by given them a constitution that is fair, just and equitable.

Finally, Mr President, we all know you came with the best of intentions, but age and health failed you, therefore save Nigeria by doing the honourable thing any President who loves his country would do when incapacitated, RESIGN.

Thank You Sir.

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