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Salkida: Why Troops Are Losing Ground To ISWAP

A North-East based journalist, Ahmad Salkida has explained the reason behind the apparent dominance of the insurgent group, Islamic State of West Africa (ISWAP) against the Nigerian Military in the North-East.
Salkida in a special report said the flush of funds received as ransom (allegedly paid to them by government) from kidnapping deals have given them access to unimaginable cache of military weaponry.
According to him, the loss of the International Military Task Force Base in Baga was also “a monumental not merely in the loss, of location but because of the massive military hardware and ammunition only comparable to what is available to the Military Division in Maiduguri.
He also said the insurgents “are determined to ensure that the military does not have any sustainable presence in the territories as they are paying more premium to wooing local communities to feel more secure with them than they could ever be with the military.”

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