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Govt Justifies N27, 000 Minimum Wage Bill

The Federal Government says that the report and the recommendation of the Tripartite Committee on the new National Minimum Wage is not binding on what the new wage should be.
FG said the committee’s recommendation could be subjected to an upward review, saying that the government respected the International Labour Organisation convention on the issue.
It said the output from the Tripartite Committee was never meant to be sacrosanct but to provide a guideline for the Federal Government to take a final decision.
The tripartite committee had recommended N30,000 as a new minimum wage to the Federal Government,
However, the Federal Government had sent an executive bill of N27,000 minimum wage to the National Assembly after approval by the National Council of State.
The organised Labour had rejected the N27,000inimum Wage and pledged to engage the National Assembly members.

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