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Nyame Excited as Kuje Prison Inmates get Xmas Haircut

Reverend, Jolly Nyame, former Taraba governor, on Tuesday joined his excited colleagues to celebrate stylish Christmas haircuts offered to 300 inmates of Kuje Prison, FCT.
Nyame, who did not require a haircut at the time, watched with excitement as his colleagues danced to the deafening music after the haircuts and carvings that saw some spotting hairstyles like “punk’’, “Afro’’, “Steve Wonder’’ and “curls’’.
The former Taraba governor, who is serving a 14-year jail term, lauded the initiative.
“They (prison inmates), are very happy; they are looking so beautiful and radiant on Christmas day,’’
“There is a rush for the service. Everyone wants to come out for the haircut. It is difficult to control them. There is a rumble inside the yard. I have never seen the inmates this happy since I came here,’’ he said.

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