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NFVCB Clarifies No Ban on Ritual, Smoking Scenes in Nollywood Films

Shaibu Husseini, Director General of the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB), has clarified that the Nigerian government did not impose a ban on ritual and smoking scenes in Nollywood films.

Contrary to widespread reports, Husseini emphasized that the NFVCB never used the term “ban” regarding money rituals, smoking, and crime portrayals in Nigerian movies.

He stated that the new regulation, approved by the minister, aims to restrict the promotion and graphical depiction of these themes, ensuring they are classified to prevent young audiences from viewing them. Husseini explained, “Nobody banned smoking, ritual scenes in movies. We only said that the promotion of it will be restricted by giving them a classification.”

The 2024 regulations seek to prohibit the glamorization and promotion of tobacco, ritual killing, and money rituals in movies, skits, and music videos in Nigeria. Husseini noted that tobacco companies have turned to films for advertising due to bans on other media, stressing the need for responsible content to protect young viewers.

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