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Lagos State to Install Centralized Generator in Island Market to Prevent Fires

The Lagos State Fire and Rescue Services (LSFRS) has announced plans to install a centralized generator in the Lagos Island market to curb frequent fire incidents.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu emphasized the importance of collective responsibility in preventing fire disasters during Tuesday’s Lagos International Fire Safety Conference. Sanwo-Olu urged market traders to take responsibility for their actions, noting that many fire incidents are caused by careless behavior.

He highlighted the government’s efforts in building fire stations, acquiring fire engines, and recruiting firefighters while stressing that everyone has a role to play in fire prevention.

LSFRS Director Margaret Adeseye attributed fire incidents to negligence and stressed the need for stakeholders to find lasting solutions to the problem. Adeseye disclosed that the introduction of a centralized generator would eliminate the need for individual generators, which are often misused.

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