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Tinubu Commissions AHL Gas Processing Plant.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu Wednesday, commissioned the Ashtavinayak Hydrocarbon Limited (AHL) Gas Processing Plant in Kwale, Delta, the Assa North-Ohaji (ANOH) Gas Processing Plant in Ohaji-Egbema and the 23.3km ANOH to Obiafu-Obrikom-Oben (OB3) Custody Transfer Metering Station Gas Pipeline Projects, aiming to reduce Nigeria’s reliance on petrol and diesel by utilizing natural gas more efficiently. These projects mark a significant step towards embracing cleaner fuels and boosting economic growth.During the virtual commissioning,

Tinubu, who joined the commissioning of the project, virtually reassured investors in the energy sector of his administration’s goal to enhance and promote investments within the industry.

He highlighted the government’s commitment to leveraging the country’s abundant gas resources for economic development and emphasized the transition towards cleaner energy sources. This translates into more gas for power generation, industries, and various sectors of the economy.

Tinubu’s administration is focused on supporting domestic gas utilization, boosting national power generation capacity, revitalizing industries, and creating new job opportunities for economic growth. The government’s efforts align with the Decade of Gas Initiative and emphasize the importance of eliminating gas flaring and promoting industrialization.

The projects also received commendation from key stakeholders like the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources and the Group Chief Executive Officer of NNPC, highlighting the strategic importance of these initiatives in enhancing energy security, economic growth, and environmental sustainability.

Overall, these gas projects represent a significant milestone in Nigeria’s journey towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, underlining the government’s commitment to driving prosperity through gas utilization and infrastructure development.

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