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Student Bullied in Viral Video Sues Abuja School for N500m

A student at Lead British International School in Abuja, Namitra Bwala, has filed a lawsuit against her school for failing to protect her from bullying. The incident gained widespread attention after a video surfaced online showing Bwala being assaulted by another student.

In the lawsuit, Bwala, through her guardian, is seeking N500 million in damages from the school for negligence and failing to provide a safe learning environment.

She also demands a public apology from the school in two national newspapers. The lawsuit, filed at the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja, alleges that the school authorities were aware of the recurring issue of bullying but failed to address it adequately.

The incident left Bwala traumatized both emotionally and physically. The school had previously issued a statement referring to the incident as an “incident between minors,” which Bwala’s lawyers strongly condemned.

They argued that such a response, coupled with the school’s negligence, has enabled the bullies and increased the incidence of unchecked bullying in the school.

In a letter to the school management, Bwala’s lawyers demanded an immediate investigation and the strictest possible sanctions against the identified bullies, Maryam Hassan and Faliya, as well as nine other students. They warned that if the school fails to punish the bullies within 48 hours, they will seek severe legal action without further notice.

The incident has prompted the Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy-Ohaneye, to order the closure of Lead British International School for three days. The Federal Capital Territory Police Command has also launched an investigation into the matter

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