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NIPOST clamps down on illegal logistics service operators in Kano

The Nigerian Postal Service NIPOST has shut down an illegal courier, express, delivery, dispatch, and logistics operator in Kano State.

The General Manager, of Courier and Logistics Regulatory Department CLRD, NIPOST, Dotun Shonde, disclosed this to the press on Tuesday, during the clampdown operation in Kano.

Nigeria’s postal, express, courier and logistics industry has faced challenges due to the proliferation of unlicensed and illegal operators engaging in unethical practices. The enforcement operations of the NIPOST Act mandate that operators must obtain a license from the PostMaster General before offering services. These operations aim to sanitize the industry and address issues like price undercutting, pilfering, and carrying prohibited items such as illicit drugs and weapons.

The enforcement team, comprising officials from NIPOST, armed police officers, and the press, is working to ensure compliance with regulations and enhance public safety. Private investors are urged to obtain operating licenses to avoid legal consequences. Enforcement exercises have been conducted in several states, with plans for further operations in regions like Kaduna, Abuja, and Osun State. Offices of these illegal operators have been identified in various locations, including Bompai Road, Shari’a Commission Road, and Tarauni Market.

He said the exercise became imperative to sanitize and weed out quacks from the postal service or industry. The enforcement operations of the NIPOST Act require that before you operate a courier, express, delivery, dispatch, or logistics service, you obtain a licence from the PostMaster General. It is stipulated in Section 43 of the NIPOST Act, CAP 127, of the Federation of Nigeria.

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