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Southern Chad: 23 Killed in Herders, Farmers Clash

A week-long conflict between farmers and herders in Chad has resulted in the deaths of 23 individuals, as stated by a senior official on Monday.

The violence, which occurred from March 21 to 27, was triggered by the killing of a man from an Arab community in three villages located in the Moyen-Chari province in southern Chad, Minister of Communication Abdraman Koulamallah informed reporters.

Reports from local media indicated that over 100 homes were set on fire and approximately 100 herds of livestock were killed during the clashes.

Koulamallah mentioned that 21 individuals had been apprehended in connection to the violence.

Disputes over land between farmers and herders often lead to conflicts in southern and eastern Chad. Just last month, the country’s eastern region saw 42 fatalities in armed clashes between rival communities.

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