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South-East Electricity Consumers Condemn 300% Tariff Increase

The South-East Electricity Consumers Association (SEECA) has expressed strong disapproval of the Federal Government’s announcement regarding a 300% tariff hike. In response, consumers have called for the mandatory installation of prepaid meters in all households and businesses before the new tariff adjustment takes effect.

Following a meeting of electricity consumers in the South-East region, SEECA’s Chairman, Rev. Okechukwu Christopher Obioha, and Secretary, Mr. Ogubuike Ibeagi, jointly issued a statement outlining the association’s stance.

The association firmly declared that consumers under the EEDC should not be required to pay for prepaid meters, emphasizing that these meters are the property of the EEDC and must be provided to consumers free of charge as mandated by law.

SEECA resolved that individuals or communities should not bear the cost of transformers for electricity consumption. If unavoidable, transformer procurement should only occur after negotiations and agreements with the EEDC or Geometrics, with any associated costs integrated into the energy usage bills of the consumers involved.

SEECA also insisted on a minimum two-week notice period after the delivery of consumption bills before any disconnection of electricity services, particularly in cases of estimated billing that are not contested.

Additionally, the association demanded an end to estimated billing practices and urged the immediate issuance of prepaid meters to all consumers. Failure to comply with these demands would result in consumers’ electricity supply not being disconnected.

In summary, SEECA strongly opposed the 300% tariff increase announced by the Federal Government and stressed the necessity of installing prepaid meters in every household and business before the proposed tariff adjustment is implemented.

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