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Lagos State to Demolish Buildings Failing Integrity Tests

The Lagos State Government has restated its commitment to demolishing structures that do not meet safety standards, following the devastating fire at Dosunmu Market on Lagos Island.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu made this announcement during his visit to the market, which was destroyed by a fire that started from a building where a man was carelessly refueling a generator. The fire spread to 14 other buildings, resulting in significant property damage.

Sanwo-Olu expressed his disappointment at the lack of access provided to first responders, which allowed the fire to continue burning for over 48 hours. He emphasized the need to enforce building regulations and announced the indefinite closure of the market, while promising support for those affected by the fire.

The governor warned that any property that does not comply with the state’s construction rules and regulations will be demolished, as the safety of residents and their property is a top priority for the government.

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