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Fire Destroys Shops at Owode Market in Offa, Kwara State

A fire erupted early Tuesday at Owode Market in Offa, Kwara State, engulfing several shops. A video circulating on SaharaReporters captured shop owners mourning as they witnessed their properties being consumed by the flames.

In the video, one trader remarked, “This fire is too much. It doesn’t seem to be caused by electricity. Perhaps it started from someone cooking because the fire is extensive.”

Reports from the town indicate that the fire was eventually extinguished by personnel from the Federal Fire Service and Kwara State Fire Service. At least five shops were affected by the inferno, though the full extent of the damage is yet to be determined pending assessments.

“There are also several claims as to the cause of the fire until we wait for the fire service to release their statement on it,” a source mentioned.

This incident follows a similar one eight months ago, when a midnight fire razed a residential building in Offa, resulting in the destruction of property worth N6.5 million at Kowope compound, Olorunkuse area.

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