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EFCC Chairman Dismisses Focus on “Yahoo Boys”

The Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ola Olukoyede, has dispelled the notion that the agency is solely targeting internet fraudsters, also known as “Yahoo boys.” He assured the public that the EFCC is leading a comprehensive and inclusive anti-corruption campaign that will hold accountable anyone involved in economic and financial crimes.

Olukoyede made these remarks in Abuja during an Anti-Corruption Concert aimed at raising awareness and encouraging public participation in the fight against internet crimes.

He reiterated his dedication to a wide-ranging, fully-integrated battle against corrupt activities.

“We will not spare anyone. We will not spare the mega thieves. As we are doing the mega, we will also do those at the lower end. In the last two months, we have arraigned two former governors. So, it is not true that we are only focused on internet fraudsters. Of course, internet fraud is bad enough but our focus is on every form of economic and financial crimes.” Olukoyede stated.

Olukoyede cautioned young people against involvement in internet-related offenses, highlighting the severe consequences of conviction for such crimes. He pointed out that having a criminal record limits career opportunities, including the inability to run for public office, and the associated social stigma.

Encouraging youths to prioritize their future, he emphasized, “Your future is more valuable than any short-term gains from such illicit activities.”

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