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Donald Trump in Court for New York Criminal Trial

Former US President Donald Trump appeared in a New York courtroom Monday, marking the first time an ex-president has faced a criminal trial. According to AFP, Trump labeled the trial an “outrage” and an “assault on America” before entering the courtroom with his legal team.

The Republican faces charges related to falsifying business records to cover up alleged sexual encounters, among other accusations, adding an unprecedented wild card to the 2024 presidential campaign.

A New York grand jury indicted Trump in March 2023 over the payments made to Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford. The ex-president has denied the charges and says the encounter with Clifford and another with a Playboy nude model did not happen.

Despite the potential for conviction and prison time, Trump’s campaign continues with vows of “vengeance” and claims of persecution, setting the stage for a contentious legal and political battle.

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