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Deadly Earthquake Hits Taiwan, Triggers Tsunami Warning

Seven individuals have been confirmed deceased, and over 700 others have sustained injuries as search and rescue efforts persist following a 7.4-magnitude earthquake that struck Taiwan’s east coast.

This earthquake, the most potent in 25 years for Taiwan, triggered tsunami warnings across the island and neighboring countries, according to seismology officials.

Over 77 individuals are still trapped under debris after the earthquake caused extensive damage and power disruptions throughout the nation.

The epicenter of the earthquake, which occurred at 7:58 a.m. local time, was situated approximately 18km south of Taiwan’s Hualien city, as reported by the US Geological Survey. While the USGS registered the earthquake at magnitude 7.4, Taiwan’s own monitoring agency assessed it at 7.2.

The tremors triggered at least nine landslides, with debris from collapsed hillsides blocking the Suhua Highway in Hualien, as detailed in local media accounts.

Train services were halted across the 23 million population island, including the subway service in Taipei.

In Japan’s Okinawa, initial small tsunami waves reached the coasts of Miyako and Yaeyama islands, following the meteorological agency’s warning of potential tsunami waves up to three meters.

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