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Chinese Tourist Dies After Falling into Acidic Crater Lake in Indonesia

A 31-year-old Chinese tourist lost her life after falling into an acidic crater lake in Indonesia’s East Java province, as reported by local media.

The tourist was taking a selfie with her husband near the edge of the Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi district when she slipped and fell into the 75-meter-deep crater. According to, the couple’s tour guide stated that the woman had been standing about two to three meters away from the crater’s edge but moved closer to a wooden object for a better photo.

Unfortunately, when she stepped back, her long skirt reportedly tripped her up, causing her to stumble and fall backwards into the crater. Rescue workers took two hours to retrieve her body, which was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Ijen Crater is part of the Ijen volcano complex, an active volcanic area located in East Java. The incident highlights the dangers of getting too close to the edge of craters and the importance of taking safety precautions when visiting such sites.

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