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Biden Convenes G7 Meeting for Diplomatic Response to Iran’s Attack on Israel

Joe Biden strongly criticized Iran’s “unprecedented” drone and missile attacks on Israel, urging a coordinated diplomatic response from the G7 to address Tehran’s audacious assault.

The US President disclosed how American military assistance had aided Israel in intercepting the majority of drones and missiles launched by Iran and its allies in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq.US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin emphasized that US forces are ready to safeguard American troops, support Israel’s defense, and promote regional stability.

Biden reaffirmed the US’s unwavering commitment to Israel’s security during a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, announcing plans to convene G7 leaders to formulate a unified diplomatic reaction to Iran’s aggressive actions. Despite recent tensions between Netanyahu and Biden over civilian casualties in Israel’s conflict with Hamas, the US has shown solidarity with Israel.

The US had deployed two ballistic missile defense destroyers in anticipation of the attack, underscoring its readiness to support its allies in the region. No US forces or facilities were impacted by the assault, as confirmed during a briefing in the White House Situation Room with top national security officials.Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant expressed gratitude to the US for its support, emphasizing the strong partnership between the two nations.

The timing of Iran’s attack, amid delicate US-Israel relations, underscores the ongoing efforts to prevent the Israel-Hamas conflict from escalating into a broader regional crisis. Biden’s recent discussions with Netanyahu have emphasized the importance of addressing humanitarian concerns in Gaza for continued US support.

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