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Angola to Inaugurate Visa and Investment Centre in Nigeria

The Angolan Embassy in Nigeria has announced plans to inaugurate a new visa application center in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, on Tuesday. This initiative aims to eliminate the necessity for individuals to travel to Abuja or Lagos to obtain their visas.

The opening of the center coincides with the celebration of the 4th of April, known as the Day of Peace and National Reconciliation in Angola, signifying its importance.Presently, Angola has visa centers in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria.

The embassy’s announcement detailed that the new center in Port Harcourt is part of the celebrations for the Day of Peace and National Reconciliation.

This center, established in collaboration with Akwa Helmes International Limited (AHIL), will offer visa application services and aims to boost investment opportunities. It also seeks to support the oil and gas sectors while promoting tourism activities such as sun, sea, and adventure travel.

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