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Afghanistan Floods Claim 70 Lives, Injure Dozens

Over a span of three days of intense rainfall and flash flooding in Afghanistan, the government’s disaster management department reported a death toll of at least 33 individuals.

According to department spokesman Janan Sayeq, the heavy rains triggered flash floods from Friday onwards, resulting in significant human and financial losses. The initial reports indicate that 33 individuals lost their lives, with 27 others sustaining injuries.

The majority of the casualties were due to roof collapses, with approximately 600 houses either damaged or destroyed. Additionally, around 200 livestock perished, nearly 600 kilometers (370 miles) of roads were washed away, and approximately 800 hectares (1,975 acres) of agricultural land were submerged in the floods.

The heavy rains affected twenty out of the nation’s 34 provinces, following an abnormally dry winter season that led to parched land and delayed planting for farmers. Provinces such as Western Farah, Herat, southern Zabul, and Kandahar experienced significant damage, as highlighted by Sayeq.

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