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12-Year-Old Child Killed in Finnish School Shooting

A tragic incident unfolded at a school in Finland, where a child lost their life and two others were severely injured in a shooting, as reported by the police.

The victims, all 12 years old, were involved in the incident, allegedly carried out by a 12-year-old suspect who later fled the scene but was apprehended.

According to Finnish media, the shooting occurred in a classroom at Viertola school in Vantaa, just north of Helsinki, as parents described.

Police swiftly responded to the scene, arriving at the school within nine minutes at 09:17 (06:17 GMT) to attend to the victims.

Sadly, one of the children succumbed to their injuries at the school premises, stated Tomi Salosyrja, the local police chief. The other two wounded children were rushed to the hospital, where they are listed in critical condition.

The incident took place as students returned to classes in Vantaa after the extended Easter weekend, with all involved students reportedly in the sixth grade.

Upon the police’s arrival, the suspect fled the school, eventually being detained “calmly” in the northern Siltamaki district of Helsinki at 09:58. A video captured from a passing car depicts the suspect being apprehended by authorities beside a road nearly 4km (2.5 miles) away from the school.

The police confirmed that the suspect was in possession of a firearm, which they confiscated. He admitted to the shooting.

An investigation into murder and attempted murder has been launched by authorities.

Notably, individuals under the age of 15 are not held criminally responsible in Finland. Therefore, the suspect has not been placed in custody and will instead be placed under the care of social services following further interrogation.

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