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IBEDC Records 1,459 Cases of Energy Theft

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) has reported a total of 1,459 incidents of energy theft by its subscribers during the months of January and February 2024.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, the firm’s Chief Key Accounts Officer, Mr. Johnson Tinuoye, highlighted this concerning trend. He stated that IBEDC is currently conducting thorough investigations and pursuing legal actions against individuals and businesses found to be involved in these illegal activities.

This initiative is being carried out in close collaboration with the Federal Government Special Investigation and Prosecution Task Force on Electricity Offences.

According to IBEDC, the cases of energy theft encompass a range of offenses, including meter bypass and illegal tampering with meters. These actions have resulted in substantial financial losses amounting to hundreds of millions of naira for the company.

The press statement conveyed a firm stance on the issue, stating, “We want to send a clear message to our customers that energy theft will not be tolerated. Our collaboration with the Federal Government Special Investigation and Prosecution Task Force on Electricity Offences underscores our commitment to ensuring a fair and just electricity distribution system.

“Energy theft not only undermines the integrity of our operations but also deprives IBEDC of the revenue necessary to provide quality services to our customers.”

Tinuoye highlighted the gravity of the situation by pointing out that, under the Electricity Act, energy theft is now classified as a criminal offense with severe penalties, including imprisonment. He emphasized, “In the Osun region, two individuals were apprehended for stealing energy through meter bypass and illegal connections. Their cases have been formally charged in court for prosecution.”

IBEDC urged its customers to refrain from engaging in any form of energy theft, emphasizing the severe consequences that follow such actions. The company made it clear that there will be no leniency with the SIPTEO Task Force team actively patrolling and investigating instances of energy theft for prosecution.

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