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NANS opposes UK’s new immigration policy

On Thursday, the National Association of Nigerian Students expressed their opposition to the recently introduced immigration policy by the Home Office of the United Kingdom.

The implementation of the new policy, which prohibits individuals on study visas (excluding those on research) from bringing in dependents, will begin in January 2024.

The body described the new policy as “inhumane” in a statement that was jointly signed by NANS Vice-president of external affairs, Azeez Akinteye. Around 30,000 Nigerian students have currently enrolled in universities in the United Kingdom.

During the academic session of 2021/2022, the UK government earned approximately £2 billion in fees from Nigerian students alone.

Preventing married couples from traveling together, particularly for the purpose of studying abroad, could result in emotional distress and could even hinder their academic progress due to divided attention and lack of focus.

“However, there should be some differences that should be taken into consideration so that the relationship between the UK and Nigerians wishing to study in the UK would not be shortlived. 

“Create rules that would solidify relationships and build families, not the ones that will break families and set them apart simply because you want to satisfy an egoistical side of your clime based on an interview.

“I enjoin the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NIDCOM and other stakeholders to call the government of the United Kingdom to order to rescind these arbitrary rules.

“The 686% increase in the influx of Nigerian Students in the UK is not unconnected to the accessibility and acceptability it has shown to us from time immemorial. We even cared less despite the exploitation and intimidation. This new immigration rule has broken the camel’s back and we will fight tooth and nail to make sure it does not stand.”

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