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Jigawa Calls for Free Visa and Common Currency across African Nations

The Jigawa State Government believes that creating a common African currency and allowing free visas among countries in the continent is important for a successful business environment.

The permanent secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, and Tourism, Alhaji Muhammad Bello, announced this during a workshop and press briefing for the African Liberation Week campaign.

Bello stated that establishing a common foreign policy and currency among African countries will help with economic development and security. He also emphasized the need for free visas for all Africans.

Speaking on behalf of the organization, the JIgawa state coordinator, Comrade Maryam Ibrahim explained that, the 2023 African Liberation Week campaign is on borderless Africa organized by Save Nigeria now in collaboration with Jigawa State Ministry of Commerce Supported by Africans Rising.

According to her, the campaign that comprised civil society organizations, unions and other relevant stakeholders from Government and private institutions have been mobilised by Africans Rising which brings about over 500 actions and events across the continent and the diaspora.

She then called on all relevant stakeholders to lend their voice for free movement of persons in cognizance of the laws of host member state, with provision of effective measures to prevent situations.

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