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Masha Amini: Iran Govt restricts Whatsapp, other social media platforms

Iran has restricted major social media platforms following the ongoing protest in the country.

Protest started after the death of Masha Amini who was arrested in Tehran for allegedly wearing ‘an unsuitable attire’ and putting on her hijab headscarf improperly.

According to internet observer, Netblocks, Iran blocked access to Instagram and WhatsApp, others.

NetBlocks also reported a “nation-scale loss of connectivity” on Iran’s main mobile telephone provider and another company’s network leaving millions of Iranians offline.

The London-based internet observer said WhatsApp’s servers were disrupted on multiple internet providers, hours after Instagram’s services were blocked.

Authorities claimed that Masha Amini had a stroke and heart attack while she was detained at the “guidance centre” and died days later after being transferred to the hospital.

Her family denied the claims by the Iranian authorities, saying she did not have any pre-existing condition.

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