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Defections: APC National Chairman, Adamu, meets party Senators behind closed-doors

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adamu Abdullahi, on Wednesday, held a closed-door meeting with the party’s senators over the recent wave of defections.

While addressing journalists after the meeting, Adamu said the party was worried that the exit of some of its grieving lawmakers could affect the party’s chances in the forthcoming elections.

The APC chieftain disclosed that leaders of the party are seeking ways to stop it, hence the meeting.

He further noted that defections, which he described as unfortunate developments, are common during election periods, and although other parties are experiencing similar issues, the problems of the APC “are being exaggerated before the public.”

Although he expressed uncertainty about the persistence of these defections, Adamu hoped that the meeting with lawmakers of the upper chamber would help resolve the issue.

“There is no responsible leader that would not be worried when he loses one member not to talk of two. At the moment we are faced with the stark reality of our problems.

“I have committed my colleagues at the National Assembly to face the problem squarely and see the problem as solvable. We are in politics, I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, nobody does,” he said.

Currently, the number of APC senators has reduced to a little over 60.

While some senators gave no reason for their exit, others cited internal party crises at their state level and the interference of their state governors as reasons for leaving.