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Vigilantes kill 9, arrest 4 bandits in Niger

A local vigilante group in Gulu town, the Lapai local government area of Niger State engaged bandits in a gunfight on Sunday evening, leading to the death of nine and arrest of four.

The bandits, who came to be paid off were ambushed and attacked.

It was revealed that the victims had managed to raise the ransom, they contacted the bandits who directed them on how to deliver the money requested for, on arrival, one of the bandits asked the victim’s relation to go and get foodstuff, fortunately for him, he met some vigilantes who interrogated him on what he was doing in the forest he came out from.

The victim’s relation was forced to open up and give the vigilante information on how to get to the location of the bandits.

An eyewitness said: “There was gunfire between the vigilantes and the bandits, which lasted very long, but the vigilantes were able to kill nine of the bandits and arrested four others after which they brought the remains of the bandits to the village square.”

It was reported that the criminals arrested were handed over to the Police Special Task Force operation Zuma in Ebbo.