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Vaccinate Us Against Armed Herdsmen – Nigerians Tell Buhari

The Federal Government of Nigeria on Friday the 5th of March, 2021 launched its covid-19 vaccination program with the receipt of 4 million doses of the AstraZeneca Oxford Covid-19 vaccine. Reacting to this, some Nigerians have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to vaccinate them against criminal herders terrorizing the country instead.

The insecurity plaguing Nigeria in recent times has gotten worse with several abductions, rape, murder, and other criminal acts attributed to rampaging armed herders in different parts of the country. Some claim the southern region has had it worse.

To curtail this, some state governors have considered banning open-grazing, hoping this would limit the attacks and also clashes between farmers and herders in the region.

Many have criticized the President’s seeming indifference and silence over this issue especially since he’s from the tribe all fingers are pointing to, despite calls from several quarters for Nigerians to resist the urge to stereotype criminal acts to just one tribe, the Fulani.

For a while, the president was silent over the issue, despite calls from Nigerians demanding his condemnation of the attacks and more proactive leadership from the Presidency.

These are some of the reactions from people on Twitter;


“When will Nigerians be vaccinated against the killer Fulani herdsmen? When will our women be vaccinated against rape by the killer Fulani herdsmen? When will our farmers be vaccinated against attacks by the killer Fulani herdsmen? When will Nigerians be vaccinated against bad government?”


“Tell Mr. President to vaccinate us against bandits and Fulani herdsmen.”


“Vaccinate your people against criminal herdsmen first. Herd immunity is working for Nigerians against COVID-19.”

Iyamu Moses

“Nigeria’s COVID is poverty and the vaccine should be money”

Lucky Anaya said;

“This COVID-19 vaccine is the list of our problems in this country. Hunger and insecurity are deadlier, and also kill faster than this virus of a thing.”


“Way to go, President Buhari and Vice President Osibajo, Please ensure the vaccine go to the entire citizens of Nigeria, and on time.”


“FG should be applauded for ensuring that it safeguards the health of Nigerians.”

Some Nigerians have however also commended the Federal government’s vaccination program.