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Sunday Igboho Apprehends 2 Military Men Allegedly Spying On Him

Chief Sunday Adeyemi popularly known as Sunday Igboho, has reportedly apprehended two soldiers and two civilians allegedly sent to “spy” on him “by the government”. This was revealed in a video released on Friday the 19th of March, 2021.

The video which was posted by Sunday Igbohos Spokesperson, Olayiwola Koiki on his Facebook page said the two military men denied the allegation saying they were on their way to a different destination when they spotted the two civilians fighting.

A small mob in support of Sunday Igboho had asked the four men to kneel down and were about to assault them when Igboho stopped them, thereafter handling them over to the police for further investigation.

Koiki while narrating the several ordeals suffered by Sunday Igboho since he ordered the eviction of Fulani herdsmen from the Southwest claimed the apprehended men were sent as spies following the statement made by Sunday Igboho on Wednesday the 17th of March, 2021 when he declared a sovereign “Yoruba Nation” saying Yorubas were no longer interested in being part of Nigeria.

He alleged that the federal government had sent the military men who left their checkpoint in Alakia barrack to spy on Sunday Igboho’s resident in Soka, Ibadan Oyo state.

“This indicates that the threat to Chief Sunday Igboho is still very high. What are military men on a bike searching for? We are calling on the Federal Government to tread softly with their military and the civilians they placed around Sunday Igboho’s house.”

Sunday Igboho in the video had described the two civilians as “bastards of the Yoruba race”, saying; “You will all be finished. If you want to prove anything, it should not be to me Igboho. You are bastards amongst Yorubas. If not, they would not have sent you to me. And I promise you will finish. I will finish you.”