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Kaduna declares full-on war against bandits

The Kaduna State government on Monday declared a total war against banditry, kidnapping, and other forms of criminal activities, which has become a norm in the state.

The Senator representing  Kaduna Central Senatorial District, Uba Sani, declared this in a statement tagged We must give Governor El-Rufai Total Support to End Banditry and Kidnapping in Nigeria.”

Kaduna State in the North-West is experiencing a crippling wave of violence involving armed robbery, banditry, and kidnapping as several persons have been abducted for ransom, communities have been destroyed, and thousands have been displaced in the process.

Reportedly, the lack of robust security presence has further emboldened criminal gangs, who ambush travelers at will on highways, abducting some for ransom, rustling cattle of pastoralists, and imposing fines and taxes on farmers before harvest.

This is coupled with the several worrisome abductions of staff and pupils in schools in the region, wherein the abductors demand ransom and threaten to kill the abductees if their guardians or the government fails to pay.

In order to curb the growing insecurity in the state and restore peace especially in the rural communities, the Nigerian government had last year launched the Joint Task Force (JTF), an integration of the military and other security agencies who with the use of local intelligence and air support were able to record notable success.

Despite the successes recorded, reports say Operation Accord had its shortcomings, which were listed as lack of trust with community, unidimensional strategy and lack of troops and equipment.   

With the incessant attacks on communities, Sani had called on the people in his constituent to support Governor El-Rufai who has declared a total war against bandits, saying their days are numbered in the state.

“I wish to passionately call on my constituents, the good people of Kaduna Central Senatorial District to give the governor total support as he wages a relentless battle against murderous elements and retrogressive forces keen on reversing the gains the government has made in the area of development and peaceful co-existence. We must collectively make Kaduna state extremely hot for them. In unity lies our hope of success.

This is the time for us all to close ranks and give total support to the government as it strives to make life uncomfortable for the enemies of our people. They want to arrest development. They are keen on ensuring food insecurity. We must defeat banditry so that we can continue without interruption the unfinished business of making Kaduna state a model development in Nigeria.”

He further commended the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari and Senate President Ahmed Lawan, who he said has given keen support to the state, and gave assurances of safety and security.

Also, Sani commended the Nigeria Armed Forces, Department of State Service (DSS) and the Nigeria Police Force for their efforts in battling banditry, kidnapping, and other forms of criminality in the state.

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