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El-Rufai vows never to negotiate with bandits

The Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai, at an extended meeting of the state security council, mentioned that his job is not to negotiate with criminals but to enforce the law and prosecute law offenders.

He said, “We will not engage with bandits or kidnappers, private citizens like clerics and clergymen can do so in their individual capacities, to preach to them and ask them to repent, We also want them to repent but it is not our job to ask them to do so.”

On the more appropriate way to end the farmer/herder crisis, cattle rustling, and banditry in the region, the Governor said; “Nomadic herdsmen should live more sedentary lives in order for them to be more productive and give their children education and access to better healthcare.”

El-Rufai said that the state government is putting together a ranching project in Damau Grazing Reserve, Kubau Local Government, and this development would help the herders to raise their cattle in a facility with pasture, primary health care center, and a school. They will also be availed a commercial partner ready to purchase their milk.

Owing to the fact that there are constant killings and kidnappings in some parts of the North, some Nigerians have called on the Nigerian government to negotiate with the criminals so that they can lay down their arms.

Sheikh Gumi has been advocating that the Nigerian government meet with the bandits and grant them blanket amnesty.

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