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Bawa Warns False Whistle-Blowers Who Mislead Agency Through False Information

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has expressed concern about the activities of supposed whistleblowers who mislead the agency through false information.

The Executive Chairman of the Commission, AbdulRasheed Bawa, said despite due diligence by the EFCC, scarce investigative resources have been wasted by the agency in following up false leads that frequently come to dead ends.

He said the activities of false whistleblowers detract from the noble intendment of the Whistleblower Policy of the Federal Government which seeks to incentivize information leading to the recovery of stolen wealth.

Noting that the Whistleblower Policy was not designed as a tool for unscrupulous citizens to send law enforcement agencies on wild goose chases or set them against their perceived enemies, he vowed that the EFCC will not hesitate to prosecute any whistleblower who willfully provides the agency with false information.

He, however, reiterated the Commission’s preparedness to work with genuine whistleblowers and acknowledged the breakthroughs which the EFCC recorded in its assets recovery drive, using information supplied by whistleblowers.

He advised genuine informants to be cautious and ensure that they have accurate information before engaging with the agency.

Bawa assured that the Directorate of Intelligence which was recently created will henceforth ensure that all information received by the EFCC is subjected to rigorous due diligence before action is taken.

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