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PDP Had Its Worst Experience Under The Umahi-Led Government – Fred Udogu


The Acting Caretaker Committee Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ebonyi State, Fred Udogu, stated that the party will soon erase the name of Governor David Umahi from the original list of its members.

Udogu, in an interview with the newsmen on Sunday, January 3rd, 2021 said that Governor Umahi only resigned verbally but not officially.

Udogu emphasized that the governor would not be re-admitted into the party if he thought of making a U-turn, concluding that PDP had its worst experience under the Umahi-led government.

It would be recalled that Governor Umahi dumped PDP for APC late last year.

The acting chairman further explained that the process for permanent deletion of the governor’s name from the PDP registered members’ list would soon begin.

He said, “Nobody has the right to belong to two political parties at the same time. Very soon, we will call for the register of the party where we will remove his name as a member of PDP because he is not our member and will never be there.

“He has not resigned from PDP. He only resigned verbally and declared for APC, but we will teach him how to declare for a new party properly.

“Again, there was no PDP under Dave Umahi.

“Dave left PDP as far back as 2017 and the owners and leaders of PDP at the national level are aware of this.

“That is why he wants to cross his legs over PDP and remain in APC and we said, no”.