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Ahmed Lawan: Those clamouring for the scrapping of the senate are ignorant, the national assembly budget is less than 1% of the 2021 appropriation bill

Nigeria’s senate president, Ahmad Lawan, has advised against the recent call for the scrapping of the senate, warning that  there could be anarchy if such calls are heeded.

Lawan however invited  those who are not comfortable with the senators in the current 9th Senate to vote them out in 2023 if they don’t like their faces.

The senate president made his position known today while declaring open, a retreat for top management staff of the National Assembly and National Assembly Service Commission in Abuja.

He described the Senate as a leveler which ensured that all parts of the country are equally represented unlike the House of Representatives where states with higher populations produce the highest number of lawmakers.

He dismissed the position of those demanding for a scrapping of the senate on account of the humongous pay they receive. He claimed that such position is borne out of ignorance, stating that the budget of the entire national assembly is less than 1% of the 2021 budget proposition made recently by President Muhammadu Buhari