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#ENDSARS: Governor Wike revealed that he prayed for armed robbery, kidnapping and killing to take over the entire country, insisting that SARS has killed more people in Rivers than in any other state

Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike, has revealed that he prayed for killings, kidnapping and armed robbery to spread across the country because the federal government did not take him seriously when he raised the alarm over insecurity earlier.

Wike who addressed #EndSARS protesters in Port Harcourt on Tuesday alleged that the federal government thought he was playing politics with attacks in his state. He described the now dissolved special anti-robbery squad (SARS) as a bad unit, insisting that he has been the most vocal political leader when it comes to condemning the alleged atrocities of the police unit.

According to the governor, “SARS has killed more people in Rivers than in any other state,” and that was why he pledged to support the protesters.

“Nigerians like people who dance to the gallery but I’m not one of those governors and I will never be,” he said.

“I will say it the way it is whether people like it or not. Remember when there was so much kidnapping in my state, I raised an alarm to the federal government, they said it was politics. Then I prayed to God that armed robbery, kidnapping, killing will take over the entire country. Has it not taken over the entire country now?

“Mine is no longer politics. Nobody has suffered, no state has suffered in the hands of SARS like Rivers state. I’ m the only governor who has come out openly to fight against SARS and I say they must scrap this SARS.

“No governor came out, no one, no one came out that SARS should be scrapped. So, we have lost so many people because of SARS. When I was shouting in this country, I was shouting about SARS but no one state supported Rivers State. Not one state. Fine. SARS has killed our people a lot, I cried and cried, no state agreed and you want to tell me that the same SARS has gone to kill people in other states. Now, it has got to them. Now you want me? When they were killing my people, I was shouting, nobody answered, now, they have killed their own people too and they have seen how bad SARS can be.”

Earlier in the day, media reports announced that the governor had banned #ENDSARS protests in the state. He did however elect to address them after it became clear that the protesters would not be dissuaded.