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#ENDSARS: Former President, Goodluck Jonathan warns against the use of force on protesters

Nigeria’s former president Goodluck Jonathan has warned against the use of force on #ENDSARS protesters currently marching the streets of Nigeria, calling for an end to all forms of police brutality.

Making his intervention on the #EndSARS protest on his Twitter feed, the former president  said the protests seek to advance Nigeria as a place where all can live out their full potential.

“No Nigerian blood needs to be spilled or life lost during a peaceful protest that seeks to advance our country,” he said.

“We may hold different views on national issues, but there is no doubt that most people desire the same thing for Nigeria: a place where we can all live out the full potential of our God-given abilities.

“I implore everyone to exercise restraint as we walk through these challenging times.”

Jonathan’s reign between 2010 and 2015 ushered in the era of economic reforms and prosperity although allegations of corruption festered before his perceived weak handling of the Boko Haram menace created a pathway for the opposition to take over power in the 2015 election.

Since he left power, he has been touring countries of Africa brokering peace amongst warring political groups, monitoring elections and supporting development initiatives.

He has come to be known as the symbol of democracy across Africa following his disposition to peace, freedom of speech and disavowal of violence in the conduct of public affairs.