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Lawyer: There Is No Case Against Hushpuppi

Ramon Abbas’ laywer, Gal Pissetzky has told Forbes magazine in the US that his client is a legitimate businessman who has nothing to do with fraud or any form of crime as being widely reported.

Pissetzky of Pissetzky & Berliner said Abbas- known widely as -Hushpuppi- ran legitimate businesses including real estate.

“He’s an entrepreneur. He has real estate involvement,  an Instagram personality. He was promoting brands and that’s how he was very legitimately making his money,” the lawyer said.

37 year old Abbas and his gang were arrested in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, by the the police late last month.

The police revealed that upon the arrest of Hushpuppi and 12 other members of his crew, it discovered that fraud amounting to 1.6 billion Dirham (N168 billion) had been committed by the gang over a four year period.

The UAE authorities also indicated that 1,926,400 people from different parts of the world had fallen prey to the alleged international fraudsters.

13 luxury cars, estimated at 35 million Dirham (N3.7 billion) were recovered from the house where Abbas and his gang were arrested.

Few days after Abbas was arrested, the police in Dubai transferred him (along with other members of his gang) to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States. The internet celebrity was last week arraigned on charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering, among others.

Abbas is alleged to have been part of a conspiracy to dupe an unnamed English Premier League team of an estimated one hundred million pounds.

Many observers estimate that Abbas could get a 20 year prison sentence if convicted.