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BokoHaram: No Rift Between Nigeria and Chad-DHQ

The Nigerian Military has stated that there is no conflict between Nigeria and Neighboring Chad battling the Boko Haram insurgency.

The Coordinator, Defence Media Operations, Major General John Enenche explained this at a press conference in Abuja saying troops have dominated Boko Haram terrorist and their territory.

Apparently referring to Chad’s recent onslaught against Boko Haram, the Nigerian Military also stated that the success or failure of operation can only be accepted if it comes from the Multinational Joint Task Force.

The Multinational Joint Task Force is headed by an executive secretary, appointed by four countries which came together to combat insurgency in their territories.

While reacting to allegations that Nigeria had relented in the fight against the decade long war against Boko Haram insurgency, Enenche said they were mere distraction saying when an end is coming to a war, situation arises where people begin to do things to take the glory.

 To say that we are slowing down is not true at all. How? By the mandate, if you have to do any exploitation from your country, you have up to 25 kilometers to go without seeking permission” The Chadian troops are playing their own part of the game, which is their responsibility. Let us not be distracted by a country that will now say I’m taking the glory. For whatever reasons, if for anything the Armed Forces of Nigeria, the Multinational Joint Task Force, they have done so much with the cooperation. I was there several years ago. I can tell you that and I know what obtains there.” Enenche said.

Why The Chadian Troops Left Nigeria

On the 4th of January 2020, it was reported that Chadian Soldier returned to their country after supporting Nigerian troops in the Boko Haram fight. The spokesperson of the Chadian Army, Colonel Azem Bermandoa had explained saying“It is our troops who went to aid Nigeria soldier months ago returning home. They have finished their mission

However, reports in some quarters revealed that there were conflicts of interest between both countries.

Reacting to this, Major-General Enenche saidWhen they pulled out last year or thereabout, there was no vacuum created. Nigeria did not cry, all the Command there needed to do was to adjust the boundaries and then give responsibilities which was neatly and perfectly done. There is no problem in any way between Nigeria and Chad in the fight against insurgency in the Lake Chad Basin not at all and I will state categorically that I am in touch with the high command of the Multinational Joint Task Force, which is actually and operationally responsible for all the activities that go on in that area.”

Over 80 Soldiers Rescued?

 The Chadian troops led by President Idriss Deby launched an onslaught considered successful against Boko Haram, They were also said to have freed over 80 Nigerian soldiers held captive by the terrorists. When asked if the report was true, Major General Enenche said

As the coordinator Defence Media Operations for the Armed Forces of Nigeria, I should not be in a position to confirm what was said from Chad that did not come from Multinational Joint Task Force. So I will appeal to you to us other source to confirm that story.”

While speaking on why the Boko Haram’s act of criminality has gotten to this level, Enenche said The thing has not really changed. It transformed from one level to the other. Why the criminality here has gotten to this level is that what happened in other African countries particularly Libya Mali and All they all now passed through the Porous border and then came, through our neighbors and that is what you are having.”

Funds allocated for COVID19

Major General Enenche explained that the Armed Forces are working together with the central committee to provide needed medical facilities.

I will tell you that the committee set up by the Armed Forces of Nigeria is not working in isolation, is working with the Presidential task force and the NCDC) (So for whatever we have been doing we are working together with PTF and NCDC and not any serious cost to the Armed Forces of Nigeria.