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Assault saga: NBC invites ‘ordinary president’ of Brekete Family, Ahmed Isah

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has invited Ahmed Isah, popularly known as “Ordinary President”, over alleged assault of a woman who appeared on Brekete Family, a human rights programme that he hosts.

Isah has been under fire since the BBC Africa Eye exposed how he assaulted a woman who appeared on his show.

The woman, who was accused of setting a young girl’s hair on fire over witchcraft allegation, had feigned ignorance when Isah questioned her.

After several attempts to make her own up ended in futility, Isah slapped the defenseless woman in front of his audience.

In an interview with NAN on Thursday, Ekanem Antia, Deputy Director, Public Affairs, NBC, said Isah had been invited for explanation.

The deputy director further explained that the invitation would enable the commission to know the circumstances surrounding the situation that led to the assault.

“The NBC, as a regulatory body for broadcast media, is concerned over the recent happening at the Human Rights Radio and deemed it fit to invite Isah,” he said.

“As a regulatory body for the broadcast media, the NBC cannot overlook this. Broadcasting should guarantee fairness for all citizens and a broadcaster should grant a right of reply to every citizen before passing judgment.

“That is why the commission decided to send a letter of invitation to the CEO of Human Rights Radio and the anchor of the popular ‘Brekete Family’ radio programme, Ahmed Isah, to come to NBC and explain the circumstances surrounding his actions.’’

Antia, therefore, urged broadcasters to recognize the power they have and exercise such with great responsibility and sensitivity.

Isah has since tendered apology to the woman, admitting that he overreacted.

While speaking on his radio show on Wednesday, Isah said he allowed his emotion to take over him.

He said: “I apologize to everybody that I have offended in one way or the other. Please, I’m a human being. I’m bound to make mistakes. I was triggered by the zeal and passion in me. As a human being, even computers tend to malfunction, there is blood flowing in my veins, I tend to get emotional sometimes.

“Whenever I do anything out-of-control on the basis of emotions, I always apologize when I realize it and correct the mistakes. For those disappointed in me, please forgive me. For those I have offended, please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I’m only but a human being.

“I know some people will say that there is nobody that sent him to do human rights work, forgetting that government organizations that are supposed to get justice for ordinary Nigerians are not doing their work.”



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